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A Novel High-Efficiency Compact-Size Low-Cost Balancing Method for Series-Connected Battery Applications
This paper proposes a novel balancing method for series-connected batteries applications. The proposed method uses a transformer to couple the energy from charger or discharger to batteries for energy balancing. The proposed method has the advantages of high efficiency, compact size, suitable for any type of switching converter, load-related balancing energy, and extremely simple structure without ...Full Story

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NCKU College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Has Become a Global Focal Point of Scholarly International Meetings

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Cheng Kung University has become a global focal point of scholarly international meetings. In the past few months, the following three international conferences have been held successfully in NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan...................

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日本東京大學積體系統中心簽約亞洲微軟研究院來訪(學術研討)專題演講資訊營  活動Decorative imageDecorative imageDecorative imageDecorative image
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