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Automatic Cell Segmentation and Nuclear-to-Cytoplasmic Ratio Analysis for Third Harmonic Generated Microscopy Medical Images
Bio-medical engineering is an emerging research topic since this topic should combine experts in medical field and engineering field. Instead of computing lots of bio-medical images without the opinions from medical doctor, this paper was published through the effort that cooperated by experts in medical field, signal processing, optical physics. By integrating the knowledge from different disciplines ...Full Story

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Activity Reports

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NCKU College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Has Become a Global Focal Point of Scholarly International Meetings

College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Cheng Kung University has become a global focal point of scholarly international meetings. In the past few months, the following three international conferences have been held successfully in NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan...................

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製造所(教學研究)實驗操作(學術研討)2007年鳳凰盃頒獎典禮(學術研討)TENCON 2007研討會製造所學生活動Decorative imageDecorative imageDecorative image
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